It's Letter Time! - My Thank U Note!!!

By Kavuli Nyali - Friday, December 07, 2012

Hi Kavuli

This is not one of those emails asking how to do this and that, its a thank you email. Here's why...

All my life I've had looooooong hair, all bouncy and the envy of multitudes (exaggerating a bit but yeah, something like that). In January this year I relaxed my hair and I swear God didn't prepare enough for what my hair was about to show me. It got soooo bad, a friend of mine told me I looked like a poor Sangoma (Traditional Doctor) :(.
So I decided, I'm gonna chop it all off!...

I didn't!!! I decided to transition, I was gonna transition for a year... I didn't... By June I was sick and tired of the two textures and I told a friend of mine (who had recently done the Big Chop :) ). She went, "Follow @goodhairdiaries on twitter", and... I did! And I swear that was the best decision I've ever made 4 my hair... Nd Yes, I big chopped in July...

So its been 5 months with my short hair (twa) and I LOVE it!!! And I don't know what kind of Sangoma (Traditional Doctor) I would be looking like now without your help!!! So THANK U!!! Love the blog so much I check it everyday to go through the same stuff I went though the previous day (Creepy, yes)

Here's to Good Hair!!! *AsIToastWithMyself* Much love nd I hope others have benefited from ur blog as much as I have!!!

Please find attached my 5 month old hair!!!

Thanks again,

Clemy Mokhine


GHD says....

Thank you, Clemy! Your words are sweet and touch me deeply. I can honestly say that I am proud to be of service to women like you. It makes all the work worth it. Here's hoping that I serve you even better in 2013.

Bless you!

Kavuli Nyali-Binase

Have a Good Hair Day!!!

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