Meet Nia - 11 Year Old Does A Big Chop!

By Kavuli Nyali - Thursday, August 02, 2012

I received this wonderful email from a mum that was so proud that her little girl wanted to get in touch with her authentic self. The words that came out of this 11 year old mouth had me beside myself.

Dear GHD

My name is Corrinne Louw and I have no clue what my natural hair looks like – I chemically straighten my hair and have been doing this for the past 35 years.My 11-year-old daughter on the other hand is fully natural and made the transition in May 2012. I messed up her hair when she was only four years old by relaxing it , simply because I could not manage combing it. I totally regret this.

In May she told me that she was unhappy with relaxer on her hair because  to her mind, the natural hair was how God intended her to be. We are not a highly religious family, so I was surprised by this comment. I probed and she went on to tell me that, “You keep trying to make me what I am not. Please stop putting relaxer on my hair. I want all this relaxed hair removed and I would like only my natural hair please mum.”

So off we went to the salon and chopped. She loved it. Her hair has grown faster than it ever grew when it was relaxed. At her young age she is an advocate of natural hair. On our way to school we play “Spot the girls with natural hair.”  Obviously there are not many out there, but we do spot some.

I am so proud of her. Her knowing her authentic self is warms my heart.
Your site is fantastic.

Care and thanks,


Thank you, Corrinne! I think this is a beautiful story. 

What would you do if your little one insisted on changing their hair? 
Would you go with or against it?

Have a Good Hair Day!!!

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