Heat Trained Natural Hair

By Kavuli Nyali - Monday, May 28, 2012

I had no idea what heat training was when I first heard the term. Applying direct heat to my hair is always something I allow myself to do once or twice per month for a special occasion. I always make sure to use a heat protectant with direct heat. I would be mortified if my natural curls didn't come back after a flat iron session. Let's learn what this heat training business is all about.

•What Is Heat Training?•

Heat training is a process where you loosen your natural curl pattern with the gradual use of direct heat. This can be done with a hot comb, flat iron or blow dryer at the lowest possible temperature.

•What's The Difference Between Heat Trained & Heat Damaged?•

There is no difference between heat trained and heat damaged hair, because the hair will not revert to it's original curl pattern when exposed to moisture again. Heat has permanently altered the curl pattern. The heat trained hair must be grown out to get the original curl pattern back. 

•What Are The Pros & Cons?•


  • Less tangles
  • Less single strand knots
  • You may retain more length because of the two above points


  • Your hair is heat damaged
  • Your original curl pattern is gone
  • You may experience breakage, which may lead to no length retention

I couldn't see myself intentionally heat training my hair, because I love my curls and the current versatility I have. I believe that I would sooner relax my hair before heat training. That's my opinion...what's yours?

Would you consider heat training as an alternative to altering the curl pattern of your natural hair?

Have a Good Hair Day!!!

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