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I became South Africa's most well-known hair blogger and natural hair guru many years ago. With a head of highly textured hair - and a mind enriched with biochemistry and microbiology knowledge that I acquired at Temple University (USA) and the University of Cape Town (SA) - I took the obvious step into turning a passion for hair into a career through freelance writing and producing content for multi-national and international brands.

Fast forward 10 years and I'm a mother to a boy and a little girl, living in Jo-"hustle"-burg, South Africa and looking forward to more adventures to come in the next 10 years.

Good Hair & Beauty Diaries is a lifestyle site that inspires women to juggle the career, mommyhood and radical self-care while looking good. Through a collection of video and written content including DIY hair recipes, fitness, mommy reviews, makeup, and skin hacks, this lifestyle site is a resource for women and men alike. 
Good Hair & Beauty Diaries is for every woman who may need some helpful tips to make their lives easier. My goal is to inspire women to do it all and not feel guilty about it!

And Much More...

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