Hair Nova Iris Lace Front Wig

By Kavuli Nyali - Wednesday, July 04, 2018

One day I was walking in the hood looking for a hair shop. You know those hole in the walls that stock bleaching cream right next to a hair relaxer box that looks 10 years old? Yeah, that one!

I was tired and I was looking for a wig. Something that I could slap on and keep it moving, because life was happening and doing my natural hair was not apart of the agenda. I came across the below wig and thought that I could work with it. Mind you, this wig is 100% Futura Fiber (plastic child...just say plastic) with the hardest lace I have ever come across. I got it in a natural 1B and kept it moving.

I came home, washed the wig and began cutting and combing it. This is what it looked like I after I installed it for the first time.

First wash and cut...

Tried applying setting lotion this time to help tame the curls a bit.

More shaping and framing...

Would I buy this wig again? NO!

Am I closer t investing some coin into a human hair lace front? YES!

Will I be throwing this wig away? serves a purpose. I think I'll be opting for this look more once baby #2 arrives.

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