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By Kavuli Nyali - Tuesday, August 04, 2015

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Don’t be deterred by the title. No-poo or co-washing is the way to go for curly, wavy or kinky-haired girls.
Cute and coiled curls or ringlets tend to be drier that straight hair types. This is because the natural oils secreted by the scalp have a harder time saturating the entire hair shaft.
Washing without shampoo using only conditioner - AKA no-poo or co-washing - is a great cleansing method for this type of textured hair. Conditioners contain smatterings of cleansers that when mixed with water, lift small amounts of dirt leaving un-shampooed hair feeling clean but not squeakily so.

So you want to go natural, but you’re dreading the big chop?
Granted, a cut is the fastest way to go natural, but it’s also the most emotionally trying.
Women who are reluctant to let go of their long tresses will prefer a gentler ‘transitioning’ method. Anthony Dickey, hairstylist to the stars, has these tips:
“Stop ALL chemical enhancers, texturizers and relaxers now.”
Any new growth that occurs will be natural and unprocessed and this will contrast with your already straight, over-processed hair so be patient and creative when dealing with these two different hair textures.
“Women shouldn’t judge their natural texture before allowing the relaxed portion of their hair to totally disappear.”
Enduring this transition period will be extremely gratifying once your God-given curls have had their true chance to shine.

We know that styling your natural hair can be a tough feat, especially with all the different spring/summer trends emerging.  A main concern for natural-haired girls is trying to keep their tresses modish while still keeping their hair protected.
Braids are a big trend this season and the Goddess Braid is one such hairstyle that allows a modern look while still keeping your hair protected. Sophisticated and classy, it’s also office appropriate and guess what? Perfect for date night this Valentine’s Day too! This is our how-to:
Step 1: Blow DryBRAID-POST-1-down
For a chunky and fluffy braid, freshly blow-dried is a must and kinky curly hair textures will pick this up beautifully!
Step 2: Moisturise
Moisturise your scalp as well as your hair prior to braiding. For this, we love the Schwarzkopf Smooth ‘n Shine Nourishing Hair Food with Moringa and Olive Oils (R35.95 at Dis-Chem Pharmacies). A deep care formula like this means that your hair and scalp will remain nourished and conditioned for up to 48 hours.
Step 3: Section
Using a rat-tail comb, section your hair into two parts by parting it where you desire. Nicole Melton (below) gave herself a beautifully feminine side part.
Step 4: Edge Prep
Before resorting to your French-braiding skills, use an edge control gel to keep your baby hairs in place. We love ORS Edge Control (R44.95 at Clicks). Read some lovely ORS reviews.
Step 5:
This is when your French-braiding skills are needed! Begin by plaiting a chunky braid all around the parameter of your head until you reach the nape of your neck.  Repeat the process with the second section of hair. Secure both ends of each braid with bobby pins and VOILA! You have your goddess braid!

Have a Good Hair Day and remember to Love Your Hair!!!

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