Press: Limited Aussie Street Art Edition Designed for the Girl who wants to Express Herself

By Kavuli Nyali - Monday, January 13, 2014

“There’s more to life than hair, but it’s a good place to start.” The Aussie Philosophy.

Whether you’re more glam fashionista, laid back beach babe or on-trend hipster, your tresses are an important part of your image. Now Aussie helps you uncap your own creativity with its limited edition Street Art collection. It’s about letting you express your carefree spirit and wild side, while sporting great looking hair, of course.

Express your wild side
“Aussie is about standing out from the crowd in an unconventional and individualistic sort of way, and the Street Art collection takes this thinking a little further,” says Jeanne du Plessis, Communications Manager for Aussie. “These limited edition, graffiti- inspired bottles will bring a splash of colour to your bathroom shelf and leave a lasting impression on your locks.”

The Low Down on Aussie
Every Aussie bottle’s packed with age-old mysteries and wisdom, and extracts of diverse delights from Down Under, such as Jojoba seed oil, Blue Gum leaves, Balm Mint and Wild Cherry bark. It’ll do wonders for frizzed out, flat, bushy, or limp hair that’s been combed to death, or gone way beyond control.

The Aussie Line Up
While the Kangaroo festooned range features several amazing shampoos, conditioners and the renowned 3 Minute Miracle treatments, here are the ones to look out for in the Street Art collection:

Mega Instant Shampoo for everyday cleaning: Mega gentle, mega clean, mega shine – this daily shampoo does it all quick smart. And of course, it smells delicious too! If your hair’s already in pretty good nick and you want an effective, everyday
cleanser that won’t cause build-up, look no further than Mega Instant. Use as often as you like and your hair will flow and shine all day long.
So give your hair some boing and bounce! No one likes flat hair, least of all the uplifting Kangaroo Paw flower. Our new clear, yet lather rich formula carefully cleanses hair of build-up leaving you with squeaky clean, bouncy locks – no matter how much product you’ve been plastering on. 

Mega Instant Conditioner: A great one for your gym bag, your overnight bag or just in your shower for everyday conditioning action! This Aussie gem is a tried-and-tested must have. For day-to-day happy hair and if you’re looking for daily conditioning shine, reach for Mega Instant Conditioner. You can use it as often as you like – without leaving build-up – so now your hair will never weigh you down.
For daily conditioning the Aussie way, we love adding Aussie extracts to our formulas and Mega Instant is no different. Kangaroo Paw flower gets its name because of its furry paw-like flowers. Our formula with extract of Kangaroo Paw flower brings the absolute bouncy best out of your hair.

3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner: If your hair is pleading for some TLC then help is close at hand – and in a hurry! In a matter of minutes this little wonder will help reconstruct damaged hair, smoothing and soothing and leaving it manageable, shiny and as ready to party as you are!
Meet an Aussie marvel known as Australian Balm Mint. Never heard of it? No worries, just say “pleased to meet you” and your hair will be eternally grateful. It’s part of our magical, miraculous formula that helps mend split ends and repair roughened cuticles.

For the Girl that Wants the Most out of Life
“Aussie is a tribute to individualism and the girl who wants a life without limits.  Street Art is about as personal as it gets and this is why we’ve taken our inspiration from it. On the wall meets off the wall with this limited edition range.” adds Jeanne du Plessis.
You’ll love the Aussie line-up. They’ve got great personality, just like you.
Grab your Aussie Limited Edition products before they’re gone. Available at Clicks from January 2014.


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