4 Tips To Getting Your Most Amazing Twist-Outs

By Kavuli Nyali - Friday, April 19, 2013

By Danielle Gray Via @StyleNBeautyDoc

SYESHA MERCADOPhoto: Stuart Ramson/PictureGroup via AP IMAGES
Ahhh, the twist-out. The style that may take a lot of prep work but typically yields jaw-droppingly gorgeous results that we natural haired ladies love. Sometimes they can be a little tricky, particularly if you’re just trying to figure things out with your natural hair. To help perfect those twist-outs so you can have some of the best hair days of your life, here are some tips on getting amazing hair.

1. Start with wet hair. Typically curling creams and gels work best on already saturated hair.  Have you ever tried to add moisturizer to already dry hair? Doesn’t work so well, right?  Wetting your hair before applying your styling product can help work wonders for your twist-out’s definition and longevity.

2. Use the proper product. As natural hair product junkies, we all tend to try so many products in an attempt to find the ones that work wonders for our hair types. There are so many products on the market, but we’ve observed that typically for looser curl types, products that fall in the “hair milk” category tend to work well. And for those of us with tighter curl patterns, typically something like a pudding or a butter works wonders. And don’t forget regular gel can work wonders, too. 

3. Know the type of results you’re after. This is just as easily said as done but if you want a tighter, more defined twist-out, make smaller twists. For a chunkier, fluffier look, go bigger.

4. Have patience. Unfortunately the prep work behind a twist-out will be some work, but try to put it into your routine so it doesn’t seem like it. You could get a good 3/4 of your hair twisted while watching your favorite TV show.

Are you a twist-out master? What other tips would you add for getting amazing twist-outs? Tell us in the comments!

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