Weekly Hair Tip - Winter Hair

By | Wednesday, May 23, 2012 Leave a Comment

The month of June marks the beginning of winter in South Africa, and it's officially time to start protecting my hair from the harsh cold wind. Here are the 4 things I swear by to get me through the winter cold.

1. I deep condition twice a week to keep my hair moist and easy to manipulate.

2. I use a thicker water based moisturizer for my hair. I work this product from root to tip.

3. I seal with with a heavier oil or butter. Castor oil is great for winter sealing, and shea butter is wonderful if you have access to it.

4. Wear a hat! Try not to expose your hair too much. Remove your hat when you are indoors if you choose, but cover that hair and stay war.

That's my weekly hair tip. I hope it gets you through the cold.

Have a Good Hair Day!!!
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