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Definition of FRUGAL: characterized by or reflecting economy in the use of resources

It's not news that the global economy is still struggling. Jobs are increasingly scarce, and putting a healthy meal on the table is proving to be more than challenging. That doesn't leave a lot of room for you to sneak off to the beauty supply store and purchase those 'to-die-for' hair conditioners and pomades. Well, all is not lost! I am going to share a few of my Frugal Hair Care tips that will keep your hair in tip-top condition without flattening your wallet.
  • Buy one product that doubles or triples in it's use - Multiple uses for one product is key when attempting to save money on your hair care. Consider buying a large bottle of cheap conditioner. When you get home you are able to use the cheap conditioner for co-washes. If you add some coconut oil and olive oil to that conditioner, it is now a deep conditioner. Or consider diluting the conditioner with water and a bit of oil to create a leave in conditioner. Now you have 3 uses for that 1 huge bottle of conditioner.
  • Mix your own products - I swear by this method! If you go to your local grocery store and purchase extra virgin olive oil, honey, eggs, baking soda and milk (just to name a few), you will have a lot of ingredients to make your own products with. For instance, if you crack an egg and mix olive oil and a little milk, it's a wonderful (and cheap) protein treatment. Go ahead and oil rinse with the olive oil and seal your ends with it while your at it. Clarify your scalp and hair with a little baking soda for squeaky clean hair, and don't forget to you use that honey as a wonder moisturizing pre-poo. These are just a few of the things you can do with stuff from the grocery store.
  • Only buy hair products that are on special - If there isn't a sale, I'm not buying it! I always make sure to check my weekly store circulars for sales and swipe my discount cards everywhere. It's really that simple. Only buy on sale.
  • Buy your products online - Check out websites like E-bay and Amazon for discounted prices on your favorite hair products. Your more like to find bundle sales that way and save in the long run. Remember to buy with the purpose of more than one use.
These are my Frugal Hair Care Tips and I hope they help everyone that is reading this.
Are you a Frugal Hair Guru? Write to us and tell everyone how you save mega bucks while keeping your hair looking fabulous!

Have a Good Hair Day!!!
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