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By Kavuli Nyali - Thursday, April 07, 2011

autumn in Cape Town

A week ago I decided to sew a full head of weave on my hair as a protective style. The weather in Cape Town is slowly turning to autumn and that means the mornings are crisp, and evenings can be especially cool if there is a breeze. I prefer to hide my ends if not my entire head during this sort of weather. This is my first full head of weave and you know I did it myself. I'll post pictures a bit later.

It's time to deep condition, so I slathered a thick layer of conditioner on my braids and the tracks. I then proceeded to slather conditioner down the length of the hair weave focusing in on the ends. I treat my human hair weave the same way I treat the hair growing out of my scalp...like silk! Next I warm so coconut oil and apply it to my scalp and the ends of my hair weave. I use cling wrap to cover my entire head and cover that with a shower cap. I look crazy right now...

I will most likely live this conditioner and coconut oil on overnight since I'm too lazy to wash it out now. I'm guaranteed silky soft hair at the end of this process. Maybe I'll do a roller set in the end. We shall see.

Have A Good Hair Day!

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