Keep it simple...listen to your hair

By Kavuli Nyali - Monday, October 15, 2012

It seems like there are a million blogs, websites and forums devoted to teaching you how to care for your hair. The do's and don'ts are incredibly clear. Something inside of you says that you better listen if you want your hair to look like (fill in the blank). So what do you do? You run out and buy all the conditioners and oils that your  'hair idol' uses and start applying exactly as they would.

You twist your hair into knots and plait your hair for braids outs to achieve the low maintenance look of your 'hair idol'. 1 year later your hair is worse off than it was when you first started. You have four different lengths to your hair and it's not from going to the salon for a layered cut. So what happened? You didn't listen to your own head of hair.

1. Get to know your hair...

  • Take pictures of your hair.
  • Find your healthy balance between protein and moisture.
  • Keep a hair journal to track your progress.

2. Be consistent...

  • You won't know if something works unless you stick with it for a while.
  • I recommend 14 to 30 days of a consistent regimen to see results

3. Be patient...

  • Everything worth having takes a bit of time and effort to achieve
  • There is no magic elixir to grow your hair to your knee caps. There is only hard work.
Have a good hair day!

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