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I grew up with Vaseline in my home. The package has changed over the years, but the goodness in the bottle remains the same. Fast forward 30 years later and I'm a new mom that keeps a miniature bottle of Vaseline PJ in my sons nappy bag. I use it as emergency bum cream, a moisturizer after bath time and a soother for his sunburnt cheeks.

Its for this reason that I am so happy to partner with Vaseline Healing Project!

The Vaseline® Healing Project is an aid effort in partnership with *to provide medical supplies and dermatological care including Vaseline® Jelly needed to help the skin health of people affected by poverty or emergencies around the world. Through this project, nurses across the country are receiving the correct equipment, products and training to properly diagnose and treat skin problems, with the mission to help restore the skin of 5 million people living in vulnerable conditions by 2020.

For many, time spent at clinics is time away from work or school whch impactson the entire families security and future. It's why I was excited to nominate a school to receive vaseline products and a first aid it. I also want to give you a few things as well!

The Mission

  • Donating Vaseline® products to people in need through Direct Relief's kit programs and global network of healthcare organizations and clinics.
  • Sponsoring dermatologists to go on medical missions to treat people affected by crisis or emergencies
  • Developing training for community health workers to help properly diagnose and treat skin conditions

Enter to Win!

I'm also going to give you a first aid kit! Your hamper includes the following:
  • 1 x 450ml Original Petroleum Jelly
  • 1 x 250ml Vitamin E Petroleum Jelly
  • 1 x 250ml Germ Safe Petroleum Jelly
  • 1 x 250ml Aloe Fresh Petroleum Jelly
  • 1 x 250ml Cocoa Butter Petroleum Jelly
  • 1 x 250ml Men Petroleum Jelly

  1. Leave your first name and surname below with your email address.
  2. Tell me what you use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for in your home.
  3.  Tweet, Post or Instagram the following: “Stand to win a Vaseline PJ family hamper with @goodhairdiaries here “

Entries close on Friday 2 September 2016 
Winners will be notified by email
Prizes are not transferable/negotiable and may not be exchanged for cash. This giveaway is open to South African residents only!
If you've been following me on my Pond's Flawless Radiance journey, you'll know that I've received a huge wake up call about delayed sun damage and how dangerous it really can be. I've been slathering SPF on myself and everyone else ever since.

Check the details of my experiment using the delayed sun damage indicator bracelet below:

Next, I had the opportunity to review 4 products from the Pond's flawless radiance line. To check out my full review, please click the below link. PS - The serum is definitely one of my favorite products.

Now here comes the fun part! I will be giving away 2 POND’S hampers filled with POND’S flawless radiance products to two of my readers. All you need to do in the comment section is give me the following details:
  1. Your first and surname
  2. Your email address
  3. What #BeautifulHabit do you have for combating delayed sun damage
  4. Copy & paste this tweet to Twitter if you have a twitter account: "I just entered to win a Pond's Flawless Radiance #BeautifulHabits hamper on @GoodHairDiaries. Enter here "

I will choose just two winners to receive the hamper.
This competition ends on Tuesday 30 August 2016 at 12pm
Winners will be announced and contacted at 2pm on the same day!
What does this mean? A cosmetics company has sent Good Hair & Beauty Diaries products to do a HONEST review on.

“ I use a serum twice a day every day, and this serum hangs with a few of my high-end products”

Product Name:

Anti-Spot Intensive Even Tone Serum

Product Description:

This potent anti-pigmentation serum intervenes in the ageing cycle that creates dark, stubborn spots by decreasing the transfer of dark pigments to the surface of the skin. This prevents discoloration before it begins and gives the skin a new, bright and luminous glow. Not only does the serum reduce the appearance of dark marks, it also results in youthful, smoother skin.

Pair these velvety droplets of serum with your regular POND’S flawless radiance™ skin-care routine every morning and evening.

Product Directions:

Apply daily morning and evening with the POND'S Flawless Radiance™GenActiv™ Day Cream and Night Cream

My Review:

I love a serum and I rarely go without using one at least twice a day. This Anti Spot Intensive Even Tone Serum has a light floral scent and a luxurious texture. The serum absorbs into the skin quickly and easily, and leaves my skin feeling very soft. At the time of this review, I had only been using the product for 2 weeks. I would like to give the product at least a month of use to see if it removes dark spots and evens the skin tone over time. Stay tuned.


Product Name:

Visible Even Tone Day Cream For Normal to Oily Skin

Product Description:

For Normal to Oily Skin
This silky, light day cream, enriched with GenActiv™ formula, works deeply* to reduce dark melanin production, evening tone and fading dark spots, while providing instant radiance at the same time. For best results, use in conjunction with the other products from the POND’S flawless radiance range.


• Dermatologically tested.

• Available in 50 ml and 25 ml.

Product Directions:

For effortlessly flawless luminous radiant skin, use this day cream together with the POND'S Flawless Radiance™GenActiv™skin care regime.

My Review:

If you are looking for a thick yet non-greasy daytime cream, this one is winning hands down. A little goes a long way, and my tell tale dry areas such as around my nose didn't flake once while using this cream. The Visible Even Tone Day Cream is definitely a keeper.


Product Name:

All-in-One Even Tone Expert BB Cream Chocolate SPF 30 PA++

Product Description :

Ideal for a variety of skin types, Pond’s Flawless Radiance BB cream is a light, non-oily, multi-benefit cream. Experience the ultimate in skin care luxury with instant, natural coverage that is specifically formulated to match your African skin tone. Pond’s BB cream contains GenActivTM COVER, a formula that evens skin tone and reduces dark marks from within, resulting in radiant, glowing skin.

Key Benefits:
  • Instant natural coverage,
  • Non-pore clogging,
  • Light, non-oily texture,
  • Reduces dark marks,
  • Evens skin tone,
  • Protects from UVA and UVB rays (SPF30++).

Product Directions:

Use every morning. Smooth cram over entire face and gently spread it in until the colour blends well with your natural skin tone. Retouch as needed throughout the day. For best results use as part of the POND'S Flawless Radiance skincare regime.

My Review:
I have used and reviewed this product in the past, and Im still very happy with the results. To read my previous review, please click here.


“This a thick and luxurious night cream that keeps you moisturized all night.”

Product Name:

Re-Brightening Night Treatment

Product Description:

This extra nourishing, rejuvenating night cream helps to repair daily skin damage and actively brightens your complexion whilst you sleep. Dark spots and blemishes are diminished, evening out skin tone and reducing discolouration. Wake up to more luminous, flawless looking skin. Pair this re-brightening night cream with the rest of the POND’S flawless radiance range for best results.

Product Directions:

For effortlessly flawless luminous radiant skin, use this night cream together with the POND'S Flawless Radiance™GenActiv™skin care regime.

My Review:

I like to slather something a little thicker on at night. I feel as if my skin benefits from a richer cream at night while its repairing and regenerating. The Re-Brightening Night Treatment gets the job done! When I awake in the morning, my face looks smooth and actually does appear brighter.


Kavuli Nyali, the creator of the Good Hair Diaries, speaks to DESTINY about how to start a hair blog and make it stand out from the rest

Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Kavuli Nyali, I’m South Africa’s top healthy hair blogger and natural hair guru. With a head of highly textured hair and a mind enriched with biochemistry and microbiology knowledge that I acquired at Temple University in the US and the University of Cape Town, I took the obvious step of turning a passion for hair into a career.
How and when did Good Hair Diaries come about? 
It came about in 2009 when the subject of “Good Hair” became a huge topic in the New York Times and in Chris Rock’s hair documentary. I found that no one in South Africa was talking about how to keep afro-textured hair healthy and strong, and I knew I was the right person to start doing it. Good Hair Diaries eventually became a viable business when I realised I could teach the big hair brands how to speak to their target market, the black woman. The brand is now called Good Hair & Beauty Diaries, and touches on all subjects including hair, beauty, feminism and life.
What key resources does one need when starting a blog?
You’ll definitely need a few social media platform to go along with your blog so you can shamelessly promote yourself and engage with your readers. You’ll also want to track your Google analytics to monitor your readership.
The blogosphere is heavily saturated at the moment, what tips would you give readers who want to stand out?There is still room for people who want to blog about niche topics that help people. If you want to stand out, talk about what you’re passionate about, and don’t mimic anyone else’s writing style. You have something unique to talk about and people want to hear about it.
What common mistakes should be avoided?
Don’t feel pressured to post every day . It’s far more important to have well-written content that people want to read. Frequency is not the be all and end all.
How can one make money from a blog?
The only way to make money from your blog is to start charging. No one is going to call you and offer you money out of the blue, but it’s also vital to have a lot of traffic from a brand’s target market in order to charge them for services.
Would you say imagery and content is equally important on a blog?
Definitely, and emojis, memes and custom pictures will always push your content further.
To get some good hair tips, follow Good Hair Diaries:
  • Website –
  • Twitter – @GoodHairDiaries
  • Facebook – Good Hair Diaries
  • Instagram – @GoodHairDiaries
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So you’ve been staring at your hair and your just not happy with the way it’s been growing. Maybe you are suffering from split ends, breakage, a thinning hairline or even hair loss. It’s probably time to start a healthy hair journey, but where exactly do you start? Right here! I am going get you started on your journey with the basics.

Cut The Crap!
The crap I am referring to would be the damaged hair you’ve been holding on to for so long. Contrary to popular product claims, split ends cannot be repaired by slathering pricey serums over them. The best thing to do with those split ends is to cut them right off. Once the general damage has been cut away, you will have a clean slate to start with.
Clean Up Your Body and Diet
A healthy hair journey doesn’t just begin with what you do to your hair, but a large part of it has to do with your health. It’s far more important to keep a healthy body and diet so that what grows out of your scalp is in tiptop shape. Here are a few tips to get you started.
· Drink at least 2 liters of water a day
· Be sure to eat lean protein such as chicken, fish or tofu.
· Break a sweat with exercise for at least 20 minutes a day.
Get The Goods
Now it’s time to get a few products to help you along the journey. Here are the products you need and their specific purposes.
· Moisturizing Shampoo – The color of this shampoo is usually opaque, and will be used weekly or biweekly to cleanse the scalp only.
· Clarifying Shampoo – The color of this shampoo should be clear, and will only be used on a monthly basis to remove product build-up.
· Moisturising Conditioner – Your moisturizing conditioner is used after every shampoo in order to keep your hair soft and manageable.
· Protein Conditioner – A protein conditioner is for hair that is suffering from breakage and damage. Use this product after cleansing and follow-up with moisture.
· Leave-In Conditioner – A leave-in conditioner should be applied to the hair in order to prepare the hair for styling and manipulation. It can also be used throughout the week for general moisture.
· Natural Oil – Use natural oils such as jojoba, coconut or olive oil to apply on top of your leave-in conditioner in order to seal in moisture.
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"Black don't crack!"

"Black skin doesn't get sunburned."

"Black people don't need to worry about skin cancer."

Have you ever heard any of these statements being made by friends, family or even complete strangers around you? I have. I'm here to tell you that these are all lies and propaganda. Black skin can "crack"if not properly cared for, and sun damage is a real concern for us as well. That's why when POND'S South Africa asked me to take part in their delayed sun damage experiment, I immediately jumped at the chance to speak directly to my readers about the dangers of the sun.

"According to the POND'S Institute Scientists, even brief exposure to the sun can cause damage that continues for up to 12 hours after you step indoors. Delayed Sun Damage causes immediate and lasting damage, even at the deepest layers of skin and affects the overall skin quality, creating dark marks, uneven skin tone and roughness."


I received this POND'S Delayed Sun Damage Indicator to wear for an entire day. I know you're wondering what the indicator looks like, but I couldn't take it out of its packaging until I was read to actually get on with my day. After taking a shower and dressing, I put the bracelet on and got started with my day.


The bracelet is naturally yellow in color and changes as you expose it to sunlight. This is what the bracelet looked like at 7am while I began working and caring for my son. We didn't leave the indoors until the early afternoon.


By noon I looked at my bracelet and noticed that it had turned a peach/orange color. The underside of the bracelet showed the difference in color very well. This change in color was merely from going outside to let the nanny in and going to the grocery store.


After exercising outdoors and getting on with the rest of my day, by 4pm my bracelet had turned to a light pink color. I decided to grab the box the bracelet came in and check what this color changing meant.

Color Scale

Say what now?! According to the color scale on the box, I went from low delayed sun damage to dangerously high. Not cool! See below for a closer look at my day with the Delayed Sun Dage Indicator.


Honestly, I'm slightly freaked out and adding SPF to all my body moisturizers as I type. Being the proactive person that I am, I have no intention of taking these results laying down. Stay tuned to find out what I'll be doing and using to help protect my precious skin from now on.

Looking after your hair at home while on a budget doesn’t need to be scary or complicated in any way.
Let’s be honest, bi-weekly salon visits can wreak havoc on your pockets, but that’s no reason to let your crown suffer. Hair guru Kavuli Nyali of Good Hair Diaries shares her expert tips that will keep money in your pocket while allowing your hair to flourish.
Visit The Salon For Styling OnlyIf you’re rocking an intricate and beautiful pixie haircut, styling at home can be quite the task, so visiting a salon may be unavoidable. What you can do is wash and deep condition your hair at home before arriving at the salon. Allow the stylist to blow dry and style your hair as usual. You’ll leave the salon looking as incredible as usual, while having spent half the amount of money you would have.
Wear a Silk or Satin DoekAfter achieving the style of your heart’s desires at the salon or at home, you’ll need to keep it looking great for at least one week. The best way to do this is by wearing a silk or satin doek to bed every night. The silk/satin material keeps the moisture in your hair, prevents breakage and maintains the hairstyle.
Purchase One Product For Multiple PurposesDid you know that certain hair care products could be used for a myriad of hair care uses? Well, it’s true!
Buy a bottle of organic coconut oil and use it for the following uses:
Pre-shampoo treatment – A treatment you use before shampooing with a sulfate shampoo, which can be very stripping.
A hot oil treatment – A treatment that can be done before or after a shampoo.
A sealant – For sealing in moisture after using water based moisturisers.
Base Your Scalp – Base your scalp with coconut oil to keep your scalp healthy and flake-free.
Buy a big bottle of a moisturising conditioner and use for the following uses:
Co-Washing – Washing your hair with conditioner only to maintain moisture and prevent the drying effects of shampoo.
Leave-in Conditioner – Dilute your conditioner with water and an oil of your choice. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and use it as a leave-in conditioner.
Braid Spray – Dilute your conditioner with water, glycerin and an oil of your choice. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Use this mixture on your braids as often as you see fit.

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